Sleepless Dreamer (lasongeuse) wrote in watching_points,
Sleepless Dreamer

Name: Dotty

Age: 27.... for about another month

General location: Maryland

Height: 5'6"

Current weight: 180ish

Goal weight:140 (or somewhere around there)

Date by which you'd like to lose weight: Ideally, I'd like to be at goal by the end of the year, but I've found I do better without putting a time
restriction on weight loss...

Reason(s) for wanting to lose weight: Where do I even begin? I could write a novel on this topic, but I think I'll stick to the basic reasons. Right off the top, MY CLOTHES DON'T FIT! There is nothing more frustrating than getting up in the morning and having a closet full of clothes that go together... and not being able to wear any of it. I think that's killed a lot of my motivation for much of life lately, and also my motivation to lose weight, oddly enough. Being overweight kills not only my sex drive, but my desire to get out and be around people and pretty much any chance of meeting someone. ugh.

Anything else you'd like us to know: Hmm... I'm constantly at work, on my way to work, doing work at home (for work, not housework, lol) or leaving work to go to some other form of work... which put me in a position to become really, really dependent on fast food... which sucks, costs a lot, and does nothing in the way of helping you lose weight... or even maintain your weight, really... so I'm trying to figure out how to make my lifestyle work while losing and maintaining...

I haven't decided how I'm planning on going about this just yet... I've done the WW thing with success in the past, which may be the simplest way to do it. Last i checked, that put me at around 24 or 25 points a day... that's on my list of things to get sorted out tomorrow while I'm off :)
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