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Hey everyone!

Im new to this community so thought Id introduce myself. Im 22 years old, 5' 7" and at the moment I weigh 10st 11lbs (roughly 141lbs i think) =( A couple of years ago I got down to 9st (117lbs), and my parents thought i was ill! Im not too sure how i did it to be honest, I cut down on junk food and I took up exercise. Now my weight is back up and I HATE it! =(

So, i started a new diet a couple of months ago, and I got down to 10st 8 and stayed that weight for weeks and over the last couple my weight has started to rise and I dont know why. Im working out more than I used to, and I eat small, healthy portions through the week.

Im doing a marathon on sunday and 4 weeks after that im going on holiday and dont want to be flabby on the beach!! I think Im quite fit, I just dont look it! I want to be more toned.

Any ideas? Im thinking maybe swimming and yoga. what is Pilates?
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